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There are public and private alleys in the City of La Crosse, primarily for access to the backs of properties.  Alleys may be paved or non-paved, and may connect thru or be "dead end."

New concrete alley paving is by petition of adjacent owners, and cost are partially assessed.  For more information contact your Alder-person.  Petition and assessment information can be picked up in the Engineering Department at City Hall.

Non-paved alleys can be graded, or re-graded, to help with washouts, divots, and "potholes."  The Street Department should be contacted for maintenance issues.

For overgrowth of bushes or trees that is encroaching into a public alley, please contact the Engineering Department.

For speeding or cut-thru traffic issues, contact the Police Department.  There are no traffic calming measures that can be done to alleys, as they are very narrow and have unique drainage issues.  Statutory speed limit of alleys is 15 MPH.

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