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Corner Flooding/Frozen or Snow Covered Catch Basins

Category: Stormwater Utility
During winter months, we have stormwater utility crews out working to clear snow and ice from corners and catch basins as quickly as possible.  Specific requests by location are responded to on a first come, first serve basis with extra priority given to any that are a safety concern to life and/or property. 

It can be challenging for crews to keep the 6000+ storm water catch basins clear, especially during an extremely difficult winter. We do ask citizens who are able and willing, to assist with clearing the catch basins near their homes to improve drainage.  

If you submit a service request, your address will be added to our priority list. Once a request is submitted, we will then let you know once your location is clear and draining as it should. We appreciate your patience.
Updated 3/11/2019 9:31 AM
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