Construction Projects

There may be several construction projects that occur in a given year in and around the City of La Crosse.  Inevitably some projects will affect traffic, requiring road closures or detours. Due to unforeseen circumstances, begin and end dates may change. Below is a list of projects listed by department for 2019.

Listing files in 'Construction Projects'

Roundabout information

Engineering Department Projects:

Any questions should be directed to the Engineering Department at (608) 789-7505.

All projects are full replacement of pavement and curb and gutter unless noted otherwise 

L= Lighting Only Project

O= Overlay Project

P= Porous Pavement w/ C&G

R= Refuge Island w/ Flashing Beacon

S= Sidewalk Infill

U= Utility Replacement w/ pavement

Street = In Progress

Street = Complete

  • 6th St. S - Ferry St to Market St
  • 9th St. N - La Crosse St to Badger St
  • 10th St S - Ferry St to Cameron Ave (U) Moved to 2020
  • 15th St S - Johnson St to Adams St(U)
  • 21st St & Cass St (R)
  • 26th St S - Farnam St to Deadend South
  • 28th St S - Farnam St to Blackhawk Pl Finished for year.  Will complete in spring
  • Avon St - Sill St to Clinton St (L)
  • Cameron Ave - 11th st to West Ave
  • Cty Hwy B - Northwoods Elementary (R)
  • Diagonal Rd Area (P)
    • Diagonal Rd - Losey to Ward/ 21st Terrace
    • Garden St - Losey to 21st Terrace
    • Victory St - Losey to 21st Terrace
    • 23rd St S - Diagonal Rd to Cul-de-sac south
    • 22nd St S - Diagonal Rd to Cul-de-sac south
    • 21st Terrace -  Diagonal Rd/ ward to Garden
  • Ferry St - 6th St to 11th St (U) Moved to 2020
  • Gillette St - George St to Onalaska Ave (U)
  • George St - Clinton St to Cunningham St (L) Moved to 2020
  • George St & Logan St (R)
  • King Street Neighborhood Greenway Intersections
    • 8th St-Bump-outs
    • 9th St-Traffic Circle
    • 11th St-Traffic Circle
    • 20th St-Bump-outs
  • Livingston St - Caledonis St to Rose St (U)
  • Loomis St - North St to Gohres St (U)
  • Losey Blvd - State Rd to Lincoln Ave (O)
  • Market St - 4th St to West Ave (L)
  • Bridge Deck Repairs
    • George St
    • Rose St
    • Copeland St
  • Mulberry Lane- George St to Deadend North (L)
  • Rublee St - George St to Liberty St
  • St. Andrew St - Loomis St to Harvey St (L,S)
  • George Street- Clinton St to Gillette St (O)

Street Department Projects 2019:

Any questions about these projects should be directed to the Street Department at (608) 789-7340.

All projects will have pavement replaced, including miscellaneous curb and gutter replacement:

  • 7th St S -  Cook St to Culvert (Moved to 2020)
  • 8th St N - Vine St to State St
  • 8th St S - Main St to Cass St (Moved to 2020)
  • 9th St N-La Crosse St to Badger St
  • 11th St N - Badger St to State St
  • 14th St N - Vine St to Main St (U) (Moved to 2020)
  • 15th St S - Johnson St to Adams St (U)
  • 19th St S - Redfield St to  Green Bay St
  • 21st St S - State Rd to Farnam St (U)
  • 22nd St S-Cul-de-sac off of Victory St
  • 22nd St S-Green Bay St to Hyde Ave
  • 23rd St S-Cul-de-sac off of Victory
  • Adams St - State Rd to 21st St
  • Avon St - Rublee St to North St
  • Broadview Pl - 33rd St S to 29th Ct
  • Cameron Ave - 19th St S to 17th St S
  • Chase St - 13th Pl to Riverside Dr
  • Garden St - 21st Terr to 21st Pl
  • Hood St - Miller St to Norplex Dr (Moved to 2020)
  • Fishermans Rd 1 - Park Gate to Fanta Reed Rd (Moved to 2020)
  • La Crosse St - Spot Repairs
  • Livingston St - Avon St to Caledonia St
  • Marion Rd S - Robinhood Dr to Nottingham Ave
  • Oakland St - Deadend N to La Crosse St
  • Palace St - Loomis St to Onalaska Ave
  • Prospect St - Gillette St to Cul-de-sac S
  • Sunset Ct - Hwy 16 to end of curb & gutter
  • Thompson St - 15th St S to 13th Pl S
  • Thompson St-13th Pl S to Riverside Dr
  • Thompson St - East Ave to 17th St S

Wisconsin DOT Projects:

Any questions should be directed to the Wisconsin DOT, Southwest Region, La Crosse office at (608) 785-9022.
  • Clinton St Bridge Deck