School Activities and Student Exchanges

Northwoods International Elementary School's third graders have been corresponding with  third graders in Friedberg.
UW-L has many students from  Germany and UW-L students  are attending university programs in Germany. We welcome visiting Germans associated with the many UW-L German connections: Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main in Wisconsin’s Sister State Hessen,  Oldenburg University, Innsbruck & Vienna summer programs. 

Two High School G.A.P.P. (German-American Partnership Program) exchanges: (1) Logan High School - Staatliches Gymnasium Friedberg (high school) in Friedberg, Bayern (since 1989). (2) Central High School - Ludwig-Uhland-Gymnasium (high school) in Kirchheim/Teck, Baden Wuerttemberg (since 1990).

Every two years up to 25 German students & their teacher(s) spend four weeks in the fall in La Crosse, living in families, attending school, becoming immersed in school, family, and community activities.  The following summer the local students who hosted go to Germany to spend four weeks there with their partners. They too live with families, attend school daily, make presentations in classes, participate in short excursions and become immersed in the German culture. The hosting teachers prepare a full program of activities and the visiting teachers meet with their students for one class daily, help coordinate and troubleshoot. 

Nineteen Logan High School German students with two teachers & a parent chaperone were in Friedberg in June 2018. They hosted their partner students here in September 2017.

Each year La Crosse German students participate in Regional & State German Speaking Contests, march in the Maple Leaf parade, hold a German Heritage Day at the Northside Fest grounds & an Oktoberfest celebration at Lincoln Middle School. In alternate years there is a trip to New Ulm for Fasching or to Chicago for the Christmas Market.

A teacher and 13 students from Friedberg will be hosted here by Logan H.S. German students and their families September 3-18, 2019.