History of the Statue Le Pinau

The statue Le Pinau depicts a boy pulling a thorn from his left foot. The original antique bronze statue was created by a Greek sculptor, and is now located in Italy. The version that resides in Epinal was done by sculptor Jules Laurent in 1825. 

Although the area of Epinal around Le Pinau was destroyed during WWII fighting in 1940, the statue remained until a German army truck knocked it over in 1944. Thanks to the firemen who witnessed the scene, Le Pinau was rescued and today sits in the Reception room of Epinal's City Hall. 

A subsequent reproduction was placed on the column near Epinal's farmers market. In 1999, the statue suffered another fall from its perch due to a car accident, but was later repaired. 

The city of Epinal derives its name from the French word ├ępine which means thorn.