Dispose of Prescription Drugs

The La Crosse Police Department has a Prescription Drug Drop-off Box available in the Police Department lobby during normal business hours of 8:30AM - 5:00PM, Monday through Friday (except holidays).

Anyone wishing to dispose of unused, unwanted, or expired prescription or over-the-counter drugs is welcome to use the Drug Drop-off Box during this time and can do so anonymously (no need to check in with administrative staff).

We accept all prescription medications in pill and patch form - please do not bring liquids or drug paraphernalia.  We also have a "sharps" container available for needles and syringes.

You can leave the medication in the original container, or if you are able, we prefer them to be removed from the original packaging and placed together in one package (Ziploc bag, box, plastic container, etc.).

For questions regarding the Prescription Drug Drop-off Box, please contact our Property and Evidence Division at (608) 789-7245.

Other Drug Drop Box locations in La Crosse County include:

Check with your local law enforcement agency to determine the availability of these drug drop boxes. La Crosse area hospitals also have drug collection containers. Please contact hospitals to determine exact locations and availability.