Hydrant Flow Tests

The La Crosse Water Utility will provide fire flow test data for the La Crosse Water Utility service area upon receipt of a completed Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request Form.

Flow Test Policy/Procedure

Flow Test Estimates
Estimates based on available data may be provided at no charge with a completed Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request form. These are typically processed within 3 business days. In the event the customer would like newer information than is available, a new Flow Test Request form must be submitted indicating the request for a new flow test.

New Flow Tests
New Flow Test requests must be performed by a third party contractor under the supervision of an authorized La Crosse Water Utility employee. Upon receipt of a completed Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request Form, the Water Utility Superintendent will contact the contractor to coordinate scheduling a date and time for the test. These can typically be scheduled within one week of the receipt of the request.

The requestor’s contractor must complete the La Crosse Water Utility Hydrant Flow Test Results form and submit a copy to the La Crosse Water Utility upon completion of the test.

                      **Flow test are NOT conducted during cold weather months**

The La Crosse Water Utility is in no way responsible for any assumptions, calculations, or designs made based on the flow test data provided. The flow test data provided is representative of a moment in time, and is subject to change due to modifications or variations in the water system and water system demand.

To request Hydrant Flow Test, download the request form and email the completed form to utilities@cityoflacrosse.org.                             

                                       Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request Form

For questions, please call the La Crosse Utilities Office at (608) 789-7536.

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Locating & Operating the Water Service Curb Box

Plumbers and/or property owners should contact us at (608) 789-7536 before operating the curb box.  We will mark the box and make sure it is working correctly. 

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Diggers Hotline

Call Diggers Hotline® a minimum of three working days before starting any outdoor construction or home improvement project that requires digging. They can help identify costly and dangerous utilities that can be buried just inches beneath your yard's surface.

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