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Saturday, February 6th - 4:56 PM
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Powell-Hood-Hamilton Neighborhood
Plan Boundary 
To view the Final Adopted Plan of the Joint Powell-Hood-Hamilton Neighborhood-Gundersen Medical Campus Plan
The document is 6 MB

Click HERE for the Project Database

Joint PHH Neighborhood - Campus Plan
The joint neighborhood campus plan will blend both the Powell-Hood-Hamilton Neighborhood and Gundersen Lutheran campus and create a framework for future development.  Components of the plan will strive to enhance the neighborhood, increase opportunities for a vibrant community, and support improved physical connections. 

The plan will recognize the unique neighborhood qualities and support the values identified within The Confluence, the 2002 City of La Crosse Comprehensive Plan. The plan will also address the key aspects of neighborhood sustainability including location and linkages, neighborhood pattern and design, and green infrastructure and buildings.  

A major goal of the project is to invite community participation and input into the creation of a joint neighborhood campus plan for this area of the City.  Please support the neighborhood, join the process, and share your vision for the future of the Powell Hood-Park Hamilton Neighborhood!

Schedule of Public Meetings
 Date Time  Location   Description
 December 12  7:30 PM  South Side Neighborhood Center  Start-Up Information Meeting
 January 24  7:00 PM  South Side Neighborhood Center  Concept Plan Presentation
 January 26  10:00 AM  South Side Neighborhood Center  Review/Comment on Draft Plan
 March 18  7:30 PM  South Side Neighborhood Center  Final Plan Presentation
 April 1 10:00 AM  5th Floor Conference Room  Board of Public Works
 April 1  4:00 PM  3rd Floor Conference Room  City Plan Commission
 April 1  6:00 PM  3rd Floor Conference Room  Neighborhood Revitalization Comm
 April 2  7:30 PM  Council Chambers  Judiciary and Administration
April 9 tentative  6:30 PM  Council Chambers  Special Committee of the Whole
 April 9  7:30 PM  Council Chambers  Committee of the Whole
 April 11  7:30 PM  Council Chambers  Common Council
*For questions or comments please email e-mail

December 12, 2012 MeetingSouth Side Neighborhood Center

 Poster Boards

 Access to Amenities  Housing Types  Presentation 1
 Access to River  Plan Boundary  Presentation 2
 Access to Transit  TID Boundary  
 Existing Zoning  Traffic Counts  
 Flood Map    

January 24 & 26, 2013 Meetings   

Themes from the Public Input Sessions, Ranked by Priority

 1. Safety and Security  5. Waterfront Connections
 2. Mixed Use Catalyst Project  6. Hood Park Reprogram / Redesign
 3. Strategy for Blighted Areas  7. Isle La Plume Open/ Greenspace Addition
 4. Swift Creek Improvements  8. Promote Neighborhood Amenities


Presentation 1 Presentation 2

March 18th Meeting
The draft plan will be posted on this website on March 29th, please check back at that time.  The draft plan will be moving through the Council Cycle via the following meetings:

                April 1                   Board of Public Works

                April 1                   Plan Commission

                April 2                   Judiciary & Administration Committee

                April 9                   Draft Plan presentation at the Committee of the Whole

                April 11                 Council vote on Plan adoption

Agendas can be found on the City’s Committee website page.

History of the Neighborhood
The Powell-Hood-Hamilton area is one of La Crosse's oldest neighborhoods. It has an estimated population of 2,700 people (5 percent of the estimated city population of 53,218) and encompasses roughly 50 blocks. The neighborhood is bounded by Green Bay Street to the south, West Avenue to the east, Jackson Street to the north, and 3rd Street and South Avenue to the west. The area is primarily residential with some commercial activity scattered throughout the neighborhood and along the streets bounding the neighborhood.

This neighborhood has a number of strengths and is also facing some large challenges. One of the neighborhood’s main strengths is its strong neighborhood organizations and neighborhood watches. The neighborhood is home to the Skates for Kids program in Hood Park, the Boys' and Girls' Club program at Hamilton School, Place of Grace, and a variety of other community-oriented activities. The neighborhood is also strengthened by the many neighborhood residents who are strongly committed to improving the neighborhood and keeping it a good place to live.

Other strengths of the neighborhood include its families, the large availability of affordable housing, and its racial diversity and rich historical heritage.

Among the challenges facing the neighborhood, the primary ones involve housing issues, poverty, and the aesthetic appearance of the area. Almost half of the housing stock was built prior to 1940, and a large portion of it was originally built inexpensively and is not withstanding the test of time well. In addition, some of the housing has not been well-maintained over the years and has become dilapidated and rundown. Other houses have been torn down in recent years and replaced with new rental structures: a change that has introduced new issues into the neighborhood. In the 1990 Census, it was estimated that over two-thirds of the housing units in the neighborhood were rental-occupied. This is compared to a 50 percent rate for the City as a whole. Because renters are often more transient than owner-occupants, the increased number of rental units has challenged the neighborhood's sense of community and stability.

The Powell-Hood Park-Hamilton Neighborhood Plan was approved by the Common Council on July 9, 1998. The plan was developed by the Planning Department and a steering committee of concerned neighborhood residents and property owners. Note: Maps, Appendices, and copies of the full plan are available in the Planning Department Office.

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