7/31/2019 - Proposed Updates for Permitting Special Community Events

The City of La Crosse is proposing updated policies & procedures for permitting special community events.

The City of La Crosse is proposing updated policies and procedures for permitting special events held within the City beginning January 1, 2020. 

The City’s goal is to encourage and help coordinate special community events, while regulating these events in a positive manner to ensure the health and safety of participants at the event, efficient management of City services and the protection of public lands and facilities.

The proposal will be discussed at the Board of Public Works meeting on Monday, August 12, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. in the 5th Floor Conference Room.  The proposed legislation is expected to then be presented to the Judiciary & Administration Committee and Common Council in the September 2019 cycle of meetings.

A draft of the proposal is posted on the City’s website under the City Clerk’s page.

If you have questions or seek additional information, please contact Nikki in the City Clerk’s Office at (608) 789-7555 or 

(Note:  I will be out of the office August 5-9, 2019.)