10/23/2019 - Leaf Collection Notice: OCTOBER 28TH-NOVEMBER 22ND

City wide leaf collection begins on Monday, October 28th and runs until November 22nd. There will be 5 teams, each in their own section, working throughout the city. Each team will collect their section then move on to assist other teams until one collection has been completed. They will then return to their own section and start collection again.

City crews are asking residents to help this year by voluntarily observing alternate side parking rules. Parked cars have a large impact on the speed and effectiveness of leaf collection. Whenever possible, please park on the odd side of the street on odd days and even side of the street on even days. Here are placement guidelines to assist with collection:

  • Place leaves on the boulevard and not into the street, gutter, or over catch basins. Leaves placed in the street may restrict or plug storm drains in your area. For ordinance information see the City Municipal Code related to yard waste.
  • Do not pile leaves around trees, poles, or behind parked cars.
  • Collection will not coincide with your garbage/recycling collection schedule.
  • Leaves mixed with brush or covered will not be collected.

Please visit our website for more information, including a list of drop-off sites that will be open October 14th thru the end of November.