11/5/2019 - Leaf Collection Notice-Season Ends November 22nd

TO:                 All Media-For immediate release
FROM:           Refuse & Recycling Department
DATE:            November 5, 2019
RE:                 Leaf Collection Update    

The first sweep of leaf collection has been completed. Teams will move back to their own sections tomorrow, November 6th, and start collection again. Leaf collection is scheduled to end November 22nd and the leaf drop-off sites will be open until further notice.

  • During leaf collection, place leaves on the boulevard and not into the street, gutter, or over catch basins. Leaves placed in the street may restrict or plug storm drains in your area. For ordinance information see the City Municipal Code related to yard waste.
  • Do not pile leaves around trees, poles, or behind parked cars.
  • Collection will not coincide with your garbage/recycling collection schedule.
  • Leaves mixed with brush or covered will not be collected.