5/24/2017 - Avon St. Neighborhood Greenway Design Workshop
City to host workshop for potential neighborhood greenway along 1.7-mile corridor

The City of La Crosse is looking for public input on a neighborhood beautification and improvement project to make Avon Street greener, more walkable, and more bicycle-friendly. Citizens identified this route for potential improvements as part of La Crosse’s 2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. Those interested in learning more about this project and providing design guidance during the initial concept plan are invited to the public workshop:

Black River Beach Neighborhood Center (1433 Rose Street) in the Maplewood Room Wednesday, May 24th at 5:30 pm

City planners and Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee will host this public workshop, providing background information about neighborhood greenways and the City’s bike plan. The workshop will consist of an open house display about the city and how other cities have implemented neighborhood greenways, followed by a visual preference survey. The workshop will wrap up with a presentation and interactive discussion about what steps may be taken next in the planning process.

The visual preference survey breaks down neighborhood greenways into their various elements, including pavement markings, speed humps, curb extensions, miniature traffic circles, traffic signals, refuge islands, or even partial roadway closures. The intent is to communicate how these measures can be implemented on a sliding scale depending on how much traffic speed or volume reductions would be desired by the community. Workshop participants will be invited to review different treatments, vote for those they like, and identify potential locations for solutions.
The materials from the public workshop will be made available on the City’s website, as well as opportunity for additional comments. City Planners will prepare a memorandum that summarizes the public workshop for approval by the Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

For more information, please visit or contact Lewis Kuhlman at or 608-789-7361