8/17/2017 - 2016 Sustainability Indicators Report Shows Local Progress in Energy, Waste

10-Year anniversary of sustainability partnership shows City, County going strong

The Sustainable La Crosse Commission (SLC) is seeking feedback from its staff and the public regarding its annual sustainability indicators report. In 2007, the City of La Crosse and La Crosse County overwhelmingly supported legislation to develop a strategic plan for sustainability in government operations, 2009’s La Crosse Strategic Plan for Sustainability. Since then, the SLC has compiled annual sustainability indicators report based on the goals set in that plan. The 2016 report gathers information from a multitude of government departments and agencies and can be found on Sustainable La Crosse website, along with further information regarding La Crosse area sustainability efforts. Comments, questions and feedback during a public hearing at the August SLC meeting will be used to make it the most accommodating, user-friendly tool possible.

Sustainable La Crosse Commission Meeting
Thursday, August 17th, 2017 @ 4:30pm
City Hall 5th Floor Conference Room

A variety of indictors are compared to 2008 baseline values, demonstrating the City’s and County’s efforts to reach the 2025 goals in the plan. City operations have reduced CO2 emissions from facility energy use and vehicle fuel use over 20,000 metric tons (31.6%). La Crosse County has increased collection of recyclable material 119.6% in 8 years, with nearly 7,000 tons of recyclable material in 2015. Even with significant progress in some areas, the City and County needs improvement in others. For example, the City of La Crosse government operations increased its water use 24.5% since 2015, for over 90 million gallons of water used in the year 2016. La Crosse County operations have increased the amount of solid waste generated by 7.1% since 2007, producing nearly 132,000 tons of waste material in 2016.

Each indicator provides quantifiable data for those working towards sustainability in the City of La Crosse and La Crosse County government operations. Commissioner Rob Tyser explains, “The Indicators Report is a general summary of energy use patterns by city and county governmental operations rather than a detailed analysis of patterns and factors that account for those patterns.” The SLC welcomes any feedback on the 2016 Indicators Report to help guide the most effective sustainability changes in the future. Focusing on sustainability is impactful and important to preserving our future resources in the La Crosse area. These annual indicator reports are a crucial guide toward the La Crosse Strategic Plan for Sustainability’s goals for 2025.


For more information or to submit comments, please contact Nick Nichols, Sustainability Coordinator, at or 608-785-9768.