7/20/2017 - Release from Mayor Kabat on Storm Damage

Following last night’s severe storms and the potential for more rainfall in the next day or so, I would like to kindly remind all residents of safety precautions during this time.

First, if you see any downed power lines or wires, do not attempt to touch the wire or anything in contact with it. Please contact Xcel Energy at (800) 895-4999 to report the location of the downed wire.

Second, due to the severity of the storms, many of the storm sewer inlets around the city are filled with debris causing water to pool in the streets. If the debris can be safety removed, please do so with caution. Our city crews are out working to address these areas. With that said, there may be standing water in the streets as we attempt to free debris from blocked storm sewers. Please do not drive through standing water.

Additionally, due to the serious washout at Park Drive and 23rd Street, the streets in that area have been closed. The area is dangerous due to the lack of soil stability and street condition, so please stay away.

The Hixon Forest trails, Upper Hixon trails and La Crosse River Marsh trails are all closed until further notice. The Parks, Recreation & Forestry department are addressing the storm damage and will notify the public once these trails are reopened.

As a reminder, the city will be conducting a city-wide brush pick up starting on Monday, July 24th. Please have all brush – no longer than six (6) feet in length – on your boulevard by 7:00am Monday morning. If there is boulevard tree damage that needs more immediate attention, please contact the Parks department at (608) 789-7533.

Finally, I appreciate the understanding that has been demonstrated by the community as we work to address the consequences of the storms. City crews have been working since last night and continue to do so to address the clean­up and flooding issues. Thank you for your patience.