2/1/2018 - La Crosse Biking and Walking Commuters Outpace the State

(LA CROSSE, WIS. – February 1, 2018) The US Census Bureau has released its American Community Survey (ACS) data for 2016. The City of La Crosse continues to show improvement and exceeds the state average of workers who choose to walk or bike to work. La Crosse has seen significant growth in these target categories as it implements its Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan. The result is hundreds more individuals travelling to work using something other than an automobile. These statistics are encouraging for residents and elected officials who are considering alternative transportation options in our city.

The survey indicates 3.5% of La Crosse employees bike to work, and 9% walk. Both of these trend upward, with cycling mode share increasing almost 50% since 2010. These exceed the state averages of 1.7% for riding and 3.4% for walking. The survey does not represent non-commuting trips such as for shopping, socialize, etc., nor trips by non-workers such as retirees or children under 16.

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