3/29/2018 - PSA: Imposters/Scammers Posing as Water Utility Employees

Recently, La Crosse Water Utility officials have received reports of imposters/scammers posing as water utility employees to gain access or attempt to gain access to homes.

Officials warn residents to protect themselves and their families from being victimized by those posing as utility workers by taking the following precautions:

  • Never allow someone in your home that you don’t recognize. In emergency situations, La Crosse Utility staff may knock on doors to provide notification of work being done in the area. However, most La Crosse Water Utility appointments are made after the customer receives written correspondence by mail from the La Crosse Utilities Office or La Crosse Water Utility.
  • If you are unsure whether to let someone in your home, call the La Crosse Utilities Office at (608) 789-7536 to verify the employees’ names and the work being done.
  • Always ask to see a photo identification badge. All La Crosse Water Utility employees are required to carry an official photo ID.
  • La Crosse Water Utility employees will arrive in a La Crosse Water Utility marked vehicle – blue vehicle with water drop logo.
  • There are a few situations that may cause La Crosse Utilities Office staff to call customers to schedule appointments with or without prior written correspondence. If you want to be sure the request is legitimate, tell the caller you will hang up and call the La Crosse Utilities Office directly at (608) 789-7536 to schedule the appointment.
  • Utility staff will never ask for or offer money.
  • Call the police if you think the person is an imposter, or if they attempt to gain entry without your permission.

Sample La Crosse City Employee IDs:

Water Utility Truck: