5/30/2018 - 2018 Water System Flushing Notice



The La Crosse Water Utility will be starting its annual water system flushing program on Sunday, June 3rd.  Please note that flushing will be conducted during the overnight hours, Sunday through Thursday, between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.  Generally, flushing will end at about 5:45 AM to allow the water system to settle before daytime water use increases.  It usually takes three to four weeks to flush the entire water system.   

This notice is to inform our customers that this flushing activity causes decreases in pressure, may cause short-term discoloration in the water affecting laundry operations, and may affect automatic flushing units and pressure sensitive equipment.  Short-duration hydrant and crew noise, street flooding, and flashing vehicle safety lights can also be expected from flushing activities.  

Announcements will be made periodically through local media, identifying the area(s) of the City that will be most affected during each phase of the flushing program.



Starting at about 10:00 PM on Sunday evening, June 3rd, 2018, the La Crosse Water Utility will be flushing watermains and fire hydrants in the general area from 7th & King Sts. north to the La Crosse River marsh and east to the bluffs.  Once that area is completed, flushing will continue in the general area from 6th & Cass Sts., working north and west to the river.  Following completion of these areas, flushing will continue to the south and east until all hydrants in south La Crosse have been flushed.  Please note that areas not adjacent to the described general areas may also be affected by the flushing.