12/5/2018 - Snow and Ice Removal from Public Sidewalks

With early snow accumulation, the City would like to remind property owners and residents of the need to clear any amount of snow and ice from public sidewalks adjacent to their homes, businesses, and properties.  Keeping your sidewalk clear of ice and snow is the neighborly thing to do, and it is also required by law. 

City Ordinance requires snow and ice to be removed from the sidewalk and curb ramps within twenty-four (24) hours after the snow ceases to fall. Failure to comply with the ordinance will result in the City clearing the sidewalk and billing the adjacent property owners at a rate of $2.50 per linear foot plus a $50 administration fee.  Citations for violation of this ordinance may also be issued.

Inspections for ordinance compliance may occur anytime throughout the season. Properties in violation will not be warned before a sidewalk is cleared and the cost will be billed to the property. It is the property owner’s responsibility to monitor the walk and make arrangements to keep it clear. Renters should be aware that many leases require the tenant to keep the walks free of ice and snow and may transfer the costs associated with non-compliance back to the tenant. 

Per City Ordinance Section 40-8 - Snow, Ice, and Debris Removal:

  • Sidewalks shall be cleared to the full width. 
  • If packed snow cannot be removed; it should be treated as ice and sprinkled with ashes, sand or salt until such time that it can be removed.
  • Curb ramps at corner lots or cross walks should be kept free from snow and ice extending past the curb and gutter to the street pavement.
  • That portion of the sidewalk that crosses an alley should be kept clear to the alley centerline by adjacent property owner/occupants.

The City provides a sand/salt mix for use on the City sidewalks free of charge to residents. The mix is available at:

  1. Fire Station 2 – 626 Monitor Street
  2. Fire Station 4 – 904 Gillette Street
  3. Erickson Fields Parking Lot – 21st Place South
  4. 1000 Marco Drive – SE corner of Hood Street and Marco Drive

Residents will need to bring their own containers.

Complaints for non-compliance should be entered under the “Citizen Resource Center” app on the City’s Web site at or directed to the City Engineering Department