1/28/2019 - PSA Water Service Freeze Prevention



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January 28th, 2019

Public Service Announcement

TO:                 News Media

FROM:           La Crosse Utilities Office

SUBJECT:    Check Water Services to Avoid Frozen Water Services


The Water Utility experienced several calls due to frozen meters/services inside private buildings and homes this past weekend.  With the coming cold this week predicted to be more severe and the winds stronger, we strongly encourage ALL customers to check that their meters are prepared for this coming deep cold spell.


How can an indoor meter/service line freeze?

  • Meters or service lines near poorly insulated exterior walls freeze when the cold quickly creeps thru the walls during these extreme conditions.
  • Meters or service lines near cracked or drafty exterior walls freeze when the wind blows the sub-zero air into the building and over them.
  • Meters or service lines buried behind storage boxes and/or other physical barriers that block the warm internal air freeze as the cold creeps in and freezes them. (This can happen even thru well insulated walls during extreme or extended cold spells)


What should users do?

  • We encourage residents to find and check that their water meters and service lines are well protected from exterior walls. 
    • Add insulation between the outside wall and your meter/service line if lacking. 
    • Fill and seal any cracks or crevasses that allow air to blow in on your meter/service line. 
  • Remove storage boxes and open doors to allow warm interior air to reach your meter/service line.  Those hard to reach meters may require a fan blowing the warm air on the meter/service line to keep them warm. 


What do you do if your line freezes?

  • Weekdays from 8:30am to 5pm call the Utility Office at 789-7536
  • After hours or on weekends call the Utility Emergency Contact at 789-7388


Should I be concerned about my underground line?

  • Typical exterior buried water lines with normal bury depth are not in danger of freezing at this time.  Frost depth this year are still shallow and it would take several weeks of these extreme cold temperatures before we have widespread concern about buried lines freezing.
  • Those buried lines routinely susceptible to freezing should take their normal preventive actions.


Please contact the Utilities office (608/789-7536) with any questions related to this Public Service Announcement.