6/13/2019 - Sewer overflow - Lane Closure on Mormon Coulee Road near Broadview

06/13/2019 @ 4:00pm- Sewer overflow and Temporary Lane Closures on Mormon Coulee Road near Broadview

The La Crosse Sanitary Sewer Utility is currently addressing a Sanitary Sewer force main break under Mormon Coulee Road near Broadview. Force mains are underground pressurized pipes designed to move untreated sewage long distances, typically from a localized low point toward the WWTP. When the pressurized pipe broke this afternoon, the pressurized untreated sewage was forced to the surface and ran overland to storm sewer catch basins that drain to the Pammel Creek flood control diversion channel.

To avoid potential contact with sewage, pedestrians should avoid the area around the intersection of Mormon Coulee Road and Broadview until further notice. The area is barricaded and construction crews will be in the area working to repair the line 7:00am Friday June, 14th 2019. This evening installation of a valve will be installed to minimize overflow.

Residents are also asked to avoid contact with the water in Pammel Creek below Mormon Coulee Road. Sewage will continue to reach Pammel Creek until repairs are can be made.

Sanitary Sewer Utility crews and contractors are working to repair this line as quickly as possible. Mormon Coulee Road near Broadview is currently restricted to one lane in the southbound direction for construction and will stay that way until repairs are complete. This disruption in traffic flow is required to undertake an emergency sewer force main repair. Large machinery, deep holes, and workers will be located close to the remaining driving lanes. Drivers are being asked to avoid South bound Mormon Coulee Road if at all possible and to use caution and expect delays when driving through this area. Contact the City of La Crosse Utilities Office at 608-789-7536 with any questions.

Contact the City of La Crosse Utilities Office at 608-789-7536 with any questions.